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Are you looking to build the career and lifestyle of your dreams?
Getting started after graduating or making a career change into a new field?
Then you're in the right place, Alcea Coaching can help you.


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Alcea Coaching is run by Ellen:

"Throughout my twenties, I worked in a variety of sectors, from antique auctions to publishing to corporate utility companies. I was building my career but not in the same way as my friends and peers. I was developing skills and awareness of moving between industries, adapting to new roles and companies, understanding the wants and needs of businesses. Connecting with an extensive network and finding links with new colleagues and industry insiders. And I was honing my interviewing and research abilities. Finding new work in new sectors isn't easy but it's possible and I love a challenge. 

After setting up my own communications business in 2017 I found a way to bring all my experience and knowledge of finding and getting work, developing careers, and building networks to help others, you, in finding your next move and building your career (and life) on your terms and with your version of success in mind. So if you're a twenty-something looking to take one of their first career steps or a career changer looking to start afresh drop me a line. I'd love to work with you. 



Coaching to help you find your most fulfilled and successful life and career

Alcea is the latin name for the hollyhock flower. And In the 'language of flowers', hollyhock signifies female ambition and growth. The perfect symbol for building your career and life on your own terms. 

Are you looking for support, words of wisdom, or a fresh perspective whilst you start your career or build a new one?

If so, I can help. Contact me now for a free twenty-minute chat. 


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Coaching client


Ellen is a passionate and dedicated coach who brings all of the skills and expertise needed to help you on your journey. Her communication skills built a strong relationship really quickly and I felt comfortable and able to trust her during our first chemistry session. Ellen is always smiling and positive. I looked forward to our regular calls and it's helped me so much understand my values and next steps in life. It has been wonderful working with her.


Alcea Coaching is here to help you make a successful leap into the career of your choice.

Based in Birmingham, we can work together wherever you are in the country via video call. 

Birmingham, United Kingdom