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Alcea Coaching is run by Ellen who shares:

"For myself, I had a realisation in my late twenties that I was successful in the sense of a career and material things, but that I was deeply unfulfilled and not living a purpose-filled life, which made me very unhappy. I’d moved away from a big part of who I was, basically every creative bone in my body had been left behind for a corporate career and I’d really lost who I was and what made me enjoy life. For the last few years I’ve empowered myself and changed my whole life by taking steps, some big and some small, to build a life for myself that embraces every aspect of who I am in a way that is meaningful to me and those around me – whilst also paying the bills and buying my own home – no dream works if it’s not rooted in real

life after all!" 

Using my communications and coaching experience my aim is to help other women find their true sense of self, have the courage to step back and view what they want from life (quietly away from the noise of everyday life and it’s expectations) and to build a practical plan of what they can do to achieve this.

Think about it like this, coaching with me will help you identify who you want to be, rather than what you think other people want

you to have.



Coaching to help you find your most fulfilled life

Alcea is the latin name for the hollyhock flower. (I promise there's a reason I'm sharing this - I appreciate it may seem random at this point!)

Noun: hollyhock;

  1. a tall Eurasian plant of the mallow family, with large showy flowers. 

  2. ambition; plural noun: ambitions a strong desire to do or achieve something.

  3. fecundity of the mind; the ability to produce many new ideas.

In the 'language of flowers', hollyhock signifies female ambition.

When I was leaving my corporate life behind and setting up my own business some people told me that I was crazy to leave behind my 'good' job or that I was brave (in such a way that they clearly thought I was mentally unstable; as an aside something to remember when you're making changes to your life is that it's a great way of finding out who's really in your corner).

For me though, I knew deep down that this was an amazing opportunity I was giving myself. I was consciously beginning afresh, creating my most authentic self and building a successful life on my terms. And all of it in a way that was healthy, beautiful and meaningful to me.

Putting down roots in creating my own business was my commitment to this new life direction. So, I needed a name that encapsulated this statement of intent. And, when I was researching names and ideas I revisited my previous life as an antique jewellery specialist and art researcher and discovered the meaning of the hollyhock. 

I knew that running my own business was going to be challenging, but I also knew that I wanted to show that living dreams is attainable and growing through challenges can really show you just how strong you are and what's possible when you set your own standards of success.

And so, Alcea seemed to fit perfectly. 

A symbol of female ambition and growth. A bright blooming flower constantly reaching for the sky. And, importantly, able to grow even in a variety of soils and situations. 



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Coaching client


Ellen is a passionate and dedicated coach who brings all of the skills and expertise needed to help you on your journey. Her communication skills built a strong relationship really quickly and I felt comfortable and able to trust her during our first chemistry session. Ellen is always smiling and positive. I looked forward to our regular calls and it's helped me so much understand my values and next steps in life. It has been wonderful working with her.


Alcea Coaching is designed for you, by Ellen who's been where you are now and knows how to create a life of fulfillment and purpose. Ellen we'd love to hear from you. 

Based in Birmingham, we can work together wherever you are in the country via Zoom or in person if you're based in the Midlands area. 

Birmingham, United Kingdom