Committed to coaching you through challenging times by creating the best space for you to think, feel and grow


I founded Alcea in 2017 with the aim of using communications as a way to improve, develop and increase connection for my clients and for myself.

Why I became a coach, my journey is your journey

For me connection is one of the foundational aspects of life: connection with myself, with others and with the world around me. For a long time in my twenties and early thirties I lost that connection. I had lost myself. I was busy, I was successful, I had many of the things I was 'supposed' to have. I was doing everything just as I 'should' be. But I didn't feel happy. I didn't feel satisfied or fulfilled. I didn't feel that I was living my purpose. But I also didn't know how to go about finding any of them either. So, I just carried on... until I couldn't. In the end my body, my mind, my spirit all made me stop so that I could hear my own self again. And in doing so it made me listen, to reflect and to ask some really powerful but difficult questions of myself. 

And that's when my journey to joy, fulfillment and purpose began. Not with answers, but with questions. And more questions. It took me time to begin finding the answers that I sought. I began to seek out others who I could learn from, listen to and share experiences with. In doing so I realised I wasn't alone in how I'd felt, or what I'd thought. 

I learned to trust my own instincts, to form my own concept of success, to create my own life based on my own terms.

For me coaching is all about paying my experience forward. I found a path to joy, happiness and growth so I believe in you to be able to do the same, whatever that looks like for you.

Benefits of working with me

  • I understand how difficult it is, how lonely, disorientating and frightening it can be to feel lost, unsure and full of self-doubt about what next step to take. But, I also know that there's ways to travel to move beyond these feelings. I've done it. I've coached others to do it. And, I can work with you to help you move beyond those feelings too. 

  • I've been in a position where I had 'everything I was supposed to want' including the 'good job' and the lifestyle that came with it but I still felt empty and dissatisfied. More than once I asked myself "is this it?" I had to go deep within myself to understand why I wasn't satisfied or fulfilled with what I had, and I did. Now I have a life I've created, from scratch and on my terms, showing you that it's possible. Now I don't ever think 'is this it?' I now think 'Oh goodness what's next is going to be even more amazing!'

  • I'm here to collaborate with you, to find joy and excitement in the discovery of your best, most assured and fulfilled self. My own journey has been exciting, it's opened up so much and given me new opportunities and enabled me to meet some wonderful people. I'm here with you on your own rewarding and empowering journey, every step of the way.

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