Thank you for being courageous enough to get this far, you're on the right track

If you've found me, it's probably because... 

  • You're between 25 and 35 years old (or there abouts)

  • You're feeling low, lost, confused

  • You're questioning 'is this it?', 'is this as good as it gets?' 

  • Or maybe it's 'I've been working so hard to get / do all these things and now I have I still don't feel happy... but I should feel happy, so what's wrong with me?'

  • You're feeling like you're not living your purpose or achieving your full potential

  • Maybe you feel anxious or afraid 

  • You could be a perfectionist if everything looks perfect on the outside perhaps you'll be able to make things perfect on the inside... or at least no-one will notice the cracks

  • You feel overwhelmed by the future, by the things you feel you should be doing, or achieving next

  • You're feeling stressed and possibly aren't sleeping well or able to switch off and relax

Most importantly though, you want to feel better, you want to feel calmer, happier, more assured and you're ready to discover how to do just that. You're ready to make positive and meaningful change for yourself with support and guidance from coaching. 

I coach people just like you, because a few years ago I was in just the same position and I now coach others to find their own path just like I did. Whatever your situation, your fears, challenges and obstacles I will help you find the answers you're seeking; finding clarity and focus. I will help you get from where you are today, to understanding where you want to be in the future and explore ways for you to get there. 

From coaching with me you'll gain a greater understanding of who you are and what you really want as well as:

  • Better and deeper connection with yourself, others and the world around you

  • A clearer understanding of what's lead you to this point and where you want to go next

  • An increase in self-assurance

  • More motivation and a greater sense of your talents, skills and gifts leading you to your purpose

  • Find the positive control and ownership of your own life 

  • Greater awareness of the power of your mind and the connection with your body

  • New ways of dealing with stress and embracing curiosity and mindfulness

  • Exploring ways to let go of perfectionism and embrace wonderful flaws and foibles

  • Improve your relationships and understand healthy and unhealthy relationships in your life

  • Find ways to have more of the things you want in your life and less of the things you don’t want

If you're ready to make real, positive and meaningful change in your life I am here to help coach you on your journey.