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Belonging | Purpose               Transcendence | Story-telling


Alcea Coaching's approach is centred around the idea of four pillars that create the foundation of a meaningful life. Let's move beyond aiming for happiness. Happiness is transitory and ephemeral. 
A life based on meaningfulness will be everything, including happy, but more importantly it will be a basis that outlasts your ever changing emotions to be a life you can believe in on bad days as well as good.

The four pillars of a meaningful life are:

  1. Belonging – your life connections, worth for who you are

  2. Purpose – what you give, how you serve others

  3. Transcendence – connected to more than yourself, art, books, travel etc. losing a sense of time and place

  4. Story-telling – what story do you tell yourself?

When you set out on your coaching journey with me we'll use the four pillars to act as the foundation for our time together. This gives us a clear structure and always an anchor point to come back to.

We'll work together to understand where you are in your life at the moment in terms of each of the four pillars, share where you want to move to and during our sessions talk about what's holding you back, what your desired state looks and feels like and how you can achieve your aims.

The four foundation pillars are just that, the foundation, the core of your being. There are building blocks that help you continue to build yourself higher to achieve your dreams. 

The eight building blocks of life are:

  1. Love – belonging

  2. Understanding

  3. Future focused

  4. Awareness

  5. Ownership

  6. Confidence

  7. Forgiveness

  8. Creativity

You are unique and so are your dreams and hopes for the future. But, if you're feeling lost now, as I once did, I understand and can only say that it was by using the four core pillars to understand by values, my motivations, my vulnerabilities and my hopes, along with the eight building blocks that I was able to find myself and build a truly meaningful life for myself. 

I have a very happy life, but by focusing on living a meaningful life instead, even on bad days when I am down or sad I know there is a point and purpose to what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. And that makes all the difference in the world to building a successful life for myself.