Are you interested in finding out what a career change is really like?

Great, because in this next post of the series on career change you can hear from people who’ve made the leap into the new career unknown.

I hope it inspires you to hear from others as well as giving you an insight into the brave and wonderful changes that people have made.

Read on to be introduced to Ameesha, she made a leap and has built a really successful freelance business! To be inspired, read on!

Name: Ameesha Smith-Green

What do you do now / what’s your role / business?:

Nonfiction book editor and founder of The Book Shelf LTD.

What did you do before you made your career change?

I worked in HR for five years in a range of roles—from contracts to staffing to policies. I knew I wanted to work in publishing, but there was no industry for it where I lived and I didn’t have any relevant experience.

How long did it take you to make the leap from thinking about making a change to actually making it?

It took me a few years of side hustling alongside a full-time job, editing on weekends and evenings to gain relevant experience. Then I spotted a graduate editor role at a local publisher. Although I wasn’t a fresh graduate, my freelance experience landed me the “dream job”.

What have been the biggest successes of your post-career change world?

Once I’d worked for a publisher, one of my biggest successes was being able to travel the world for a year with my husband and freelance on the road. My other success was turning my freelance work into a business, The Book Shelf LTD.

How have others in your life responded to you making this change?

I’m really lucky (and grateful of course!) that my loved ones were so supportive. When I gave up a secure job, I thought everyone would think it was a mistake, but they encouraged me to follow my dreams.

How does your career compare now to what it was?

My HR jobs offered good pay and job security but didn’t motivate me to get out of bed in the morning. What I do now is my passion and purpose. I work in the industry I love, and I have the freedom and flexibility to live my life the way I want as my own boss.

What skills do you feel have helped you the most from your old life to your new one? A mix of perseverance and adaptability. Whether I was hustling every evening after work or doing long hours to kick-start my freelancer career, I just kept going. But if something wasn’t working, I tried something else and continued to improve.

If you had one top tip for someone thinking about making a career change, what would it be?

When you’re stuck in a job or career that you hate, it seems like you have a lack of opportunities open to you. The trick is creating them for yourself—whether it’s through side hustling, networking, or reaching out to companies you want to work for. If you want something, you have to go out there and make it happen.

What’s one thing you wish you knew before making your career change?

We often see career paths as being fixed and think that we’re stuck in a job, industry, or career because it’s all we have experience in. But it’s never too late to change career. You can learn new things, develop new skills, and make new connections. Even if you’ve been stuck in a job or career for years, there’s a way out.

What does the future look like for you? (Would you be open to another career change in the future?)

I love what I do, but there’s so much room for growth. I want to up skill authors to edit their own books, train people to become book editors, and so much more! The way I see it now, a career doesn’t have to be a fixed path as there’s always room for something new.

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