Key to a successful career change: Let go of conventiona rules

Letting go of conventional expectations and rules is essential for a successful approach to changing your career, especially if it’s a dramatic departure from your current job and lifestyle.

Having made some big changes myself in the last fifteen years, from three major career changes to setting up my own business, the thing I’ve consistently had to do was to let go of convention. To actively believe in my ideas rather than the ‘normal’ that most people are familiar with. This is tough and can be lonely at times, but I’ve never regretted it.

Learning to let go of conventional rules has been one of the most freeing factors of all the successful changes I’ve made.

When I say conventional ideas, I don’t just mean about work and career either. I mean about everything. It seems obvious to say, but for me, I hadn’t fully anticipated it the first career change I made, that your career impacts everything in your life. The lifestyle you have, the things you aspire to.

Stepping away from convention is essential for change

Convention is the house in the suburbs, the 9-5 office job you’re supposed to progress in, but crucially stay in. It’s the ‘nice’ car you drive and the ‘nicer’ one you’re supposed to aspire to. Convention is what provides comfort. But, that's not to say it's bad, and sometimes it's exactly what you want. But, sometimes you also need to break the rules to stretch yourself and find new dreams and goals.

But, stepping away from the conventional path means you’re going to have to dig deep and pave your own. Because, as soon as you start to make changes, put into motion the ideas you’ve got, and believe that with a career change, your work and your life will be better, you’re breaking with convention and challenging the norm.

You need to believe in the new

It’s important to be aware of that. To be ok with things being different and sometimes difficult. There will be times when other people, friends, colleagues don’t understand what you’re doing. There will be times you doubt yourself. But to keep going means you’ve got the ultimate belief that where you’re paving your way to is better than the comfort you’re choosing to leave behind.

I’ve never once regretted the changes I’ve made, but at times I was surprised by the impact changing a career path had on my wider life, so I always advise others to think about career change more holistically too. Waving goodbye to convention rules is exciting as well as daunting – what is for sure, creating your own new normal on your path to career fulfillment is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

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